Sunday, February 27, 2011

My loves!

This is quoted directly from Harrison (I am lazy tonight). I thought it painted a good picture of what God is doing in the mentoring program right now! EXCITING STUFF :)
Our mentoring program is blowing up! We have had to move locations and split into two time slots. Today at 3, we had 13 kids and at 5 we had another 9. We are now meeting at a local church where I will be speaking this sunday to try and raise financial support as well as volunteers to help us mentor/tutor. As of now we are meeting Tuesday's and Thursday's at 3 and 5. We tutor in reading, writing and math then hang out for a bit and eat bologne sandwiches. It is an awesome opportunity to love these kids, give them a meal that they can depend on, encourage them, teach them and pray with them. The Lord is blessing this ministry emensly. Please continue to pray for us and all the boys we work with throughout the week. Most of them lack supervision, beg for their food and are surrounded on a daily basis with drugs and violence. Brandon is a 17 year old boy who just got out of jail. He was in jail for 5 months for stealing a cell phone (jail here is not pleasant). He does not know his alphabet and WILL become a drug dealer or continue his criminal activity if nothing is done. As I was sitting with him today helping him learn to read an analog clock, I realized the importance of what God has brought before us. These kids are at the bottom in this culture and do not have much of a chance to climb up. They don't know any other way and they won't unless someone shows them. Brandon has come both days this week and I am excited to see the way God uses our time together to open him up and heal the dark places in his life. I love serving these kids and I love being with them. They are in all honesty some of the most fun people I know. I feel blessed to be their friends. Thank you for your prayers.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back in ACTION!

Getting spoiled by the Bracy's!


Class outing to Wendy's! Some of my students :)

Celebrating Menfi graduating 6th grade- big deal!

Tutoring. My favorite boys!

Isaiah 61:1-4

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor. They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.

This is what Jesus is all about! This is what he has put on my heart- only because it is his heart! This is what I am excited to watch the Lord do on this island!

There are now 12 boys coming on Tuesdays and Thursdays for mentoring! 17 year old men are learning their alphabet, and 13 year old boys have started reading. We have gotten to celebrate Menfi graduating, and Gus' first job. We have celebrated the birth of new siblings, and brokeness in their homes.These boys have stolen my heart! It's crazy to think about the reality of what they live in- constant violence, drug trafficking, mom's selling the girls out, extreme poverty. Hate it! Love seeing and reminding them that even though thats their living situation, it's not what defines them! I know the Lord is CRAZY, and WILDLY in love with them- because my heart feels only a glimpse of that and most of the time I feel I could explode! THANKS so much to everyone who helped us get them clothes to bring back, and are supporting this ministry- they are worth it!

We were staying with a young lady who was rescued from years of nasty abuse. Hard to fathem some times how we can hurt each other so deeply- but one thing I do know is that there is healing. Staying up praying through hard dreams and listening to an eager heart, this verse comes alive. The Lord is all about restoring what has been destroyed over the years! Even though we are no longer staying nights with this beautiful lady, I know and trust the Lord will continue to reach and love her in the places that are too deep for us to even comprehend!

The student in my class that has started counseling- I see transformation in him. He went from talking about violence and shutting down to laughing with the students. He has a new confidence and gets excited to raise his hand in class. He is being reminded that he matters- which we all need every once in a while! Things in class are still trying and frustrating often, but there are relationship with my students that over ride all of this! Pray that I not grow weary in remembering that what they need most is to be loved and invested in. They are amazing!

We will be building the house in just one month! We are now at 54% of the finanacial support that we are in need of. Thank you so much to all of you who have graciously given towards this family! They are beyond excited about the ways that their life is about to drastically change. Please continue to pray over this process- we will be starting the build March 4th! YAY! If you feel led to give, please check out the site.


Too long!

Re-united and it feels so good!
The Par- TAY! Celebrating Stace and G!
The MOST incredible group of friends, hands down.

Mom, Dad, brother, and his girlfriend!

Cousins and Gma!

Ooopp, we hit an unexpected bump! Perfect timing with the snap.

Aunt Jan & I- what a woman of courage and hope!

Wow, it has now been over 2 months since I wrote my last blog post- unacceptable and lame! Good stuff to share, praise the Lord!

Christmas break was much needed and SO RICH! Nothing like stepping off the plane to the surprise of my lovely parents, Manny, Stacie, Grant, and Kate dressed in tacky Christmas clothes. I wasn't sure if I should pee in excitement or cry, feeling overwhelmed with joy!

Walking into two weeks, it seems like a long time. When you haven't gotten to see so many who you adore however, it flies by faster than you could imagine! Being back in North Carolina was not "restful" in the slow down and get some sleep sense, but so thankful for the ways the Lord used it to renew my spirit. It's amazing how quickly we can become tired when we are not allowing the Lord to fill us up fully- that was where I was at! My dear friend Kate reminded me as I was praying, "Lord, I am desperate for you" that although yes.. I am in great need of Jesus- but I am not desperate. He doesn't hold back in loving on and pouring into his children that he adores. Gosh, so thankful for this reminder! So refreshing to be around so many that I love and am loved on so well- to get to not do the intro/get to know each other chat (as much as I love that).. and to be able to just dive into the heart! JUST REMINDED HOW BLESSED I AM to have a family and community to loves me so well- whether I am in a funk processing stuff, or laughing to the point of tears. So thankful! Coming back to the island with such a fresh perspective and renewed vision/ excitement! It continues to be such a crazy honor to live here and walk with so beautiful and unique people. I see the kingdom coming here on this island, and its AMAZING to get to walk in that!

Some highlights from the break- ALWAYS FUN :)
Finally getting to celebrate the love birds- Stace and Grant! Mom and dad are the best party planners there are. Nothing like having all the crew back together to celebrate- it was perfect! Watch out world, the Meiburgs are coming- and that's A LOT of love right there!

Sleepovers with Anna, Stace, and Elyse. Mom bringing coffee in bed and making us feel like queens (she's good at that). Dinner party with the Durham crew to celebrate oh so many things! Staying up until 4am chatting with Josh. VISITS, VISITS, VISITS!

Family time- whether it was all the New Bern Christmas traditions (brunch at the party shack, oyster roast, gma's birthday, etc), or even just curling up on the sofa. SO NICE to be in their presence. Many many funny grandma quotes about why I am "really here", haha.

What left me floored was the pictures from the snow. When I left for Honduras, I knew that God wanted me here but it was so hard to leave aunt Jan who was so sick at the time. Thank you for your prayers- the Lord is such a powerful healer! Please take note of the picture of us playing in the SNOW. CRAZY- when I left she barely had the lung strength to get to the bathroom and we were able to outplay the kids in the snow running up and down the hills to sled this Christmas! Simply said, AMAZING! Continue to pray with us!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Greater things are yet to come!

Last Tuesday night as I was laying down I remembered that I was supposed to lead devotions Wednesday. Even though being unprepared is not always wise, I love how it leaves so much more room to just speak from what the Lord is laying on your heart. I got to share the Derek Redmond video from the 1992 Olympics. If you haven't gotten to watch it, stop and check it out (it shows such a beautiful picture of our Father's love over us). I see myself so much in the son, who is desperate for my Father. Who is broken, and often discouraged- but thankful to have a Father who fights over me, to pick me up, carry me, and cheer me on. I wouldn't be able to be here and love on any one if it wasn't him in me- I am literally daily reminded of this. In this story Derek's father was a physical reminder of who the Lord is. We also get to be this in others lives! Jesus says, " I soon will be gone, but because of the Holy Spirit you will be a part of even greater things". Right before however in the gospel of John there is the promise " remain in me, and I will remain in you". Heidi Baker says as people would come to Africa and ask " How can we help?" Our answer was always the same: very simply, you can always love and hug children. And you can always spend a few weeks of your life to get a glimpse of how much of the world lives- and let your heart break. But more deeply, in order for you to be useful to the Master here- or anywhere- you must be close to Him and in love with Him. To the degree that you are intimate with Him, you will know what to do, what you must do"! I LOVE that! It's so true, the greatest way we can love others and serve others is by being intimate with our Father first! Even though this is so simple, it's so easy to slip away from! We live in a society that tells us our worth is in what we DO DO DO, but so often the Lord says "come, be still, rest in me". This is where we are poured into so that when opportunities come to love on his people, we can't miss out on them because our hearts our being transformed to be more like his! This is a daily prayer, and many days (like today) I get really tired and frustrated, but I am thankful for truth! I am excited for it to continue to come alive in my life!

A few glimpses of how I have gotten to see the Lord lately:
Tuesdays and Thursdays we are tutoring our street boys (Pablo, Menfi, Bebe, Richie, Christopher, Tommy, Gus, Haskerd). This week we were able to pray over them, and as I was praying I looked up to find all the boys with their arms around each other. What a beautiful family to be a part of! I see the Lord more in those boys than they will ever know!

One of the boys (15 years old) has been in jail for 7 weeks, and Harry headed up going over to visit to get him meals. They are not fed in jail, which paints a picture of what life is like there. Pray over our brother, that in a dark place he would experience God's love, light, and truth in undeniable ways! We are praying he will be out soon, but untill then I pray we are able to keep stopping by and giving him daily reminders that the Lord never forgets him & certainly will never give up on him. He has the most beautiful heart!

I have had to have 5 meetings with kids in the principals office this past week addressing behavior issues. As draining as this can be, I am thankful that these kids are reminded that the reason they are corrected is because their worth investing in. One mom even agreed to and has starting taking her child to counseling because of an "intervention". Love when the Lord stops us in our tracks and shows us a better way! This is a huge growing experience for me, because discipline is not what come most naturally to me. I constantly have to pray for boldness and grace for myself. Please join me in praying transformed lives over my kids! It has been very up and down, but I continue to give thanks for them even when I am in tears feeling defeated! They are precious.

We were able to have another high school night. So fun! Nice to take off the uniform and be friend! Harrison did a bangerade job talking about love and the crazy things we are willing to do for it. Plain and simple, straight up- Jesus is the greatest example of this!

On another note, in two days it will be Thanksgiving! I couldn't be more thankful and ready for a much needed break! We are still deciding where we will be traveling- hoping Guatemala :) Will keep you posted!


MUCHO AMOR AMIOGOS Y FAMILIA! Like that ;)? Learning at the pace of a grandma turtle.... but thats better than not at all right!


Sunday, October 31, 2010


The Lord is so good!

Let me share with you one of Harry's recent blogs "I don't have a ton to say this morning but I want to share what the Lord is doing in the lives of this family. Here is a little back story. I met these two little girls, Daniella and Susanna, last year right on my doorstep. I heard two voices yelling "buenas, buenas...... Doughnuts." It was love at first bite. This 12 and 13 year old were selling homemade doughnuts on the street and lucky for me, they do this everyday. After eating doughnuts for about two weeks, Amy and Jessica started to have the little girls come in and hang out with them. We built an amazing relationship with these two girls, we cooked together, took them to the dentist, played a lot of games, practiced each others languages and gave these kids a chance to be kids and feel the love we all deserve. This year I don't live as close to them but I have been by there house a few times. We have been blessed with the opportunity to partner with a non-profit organization called dwellings who is going to come down to the island and build them a house in Feb. as long as we can raise the money and get some extra hands to help in the building process. I am so excited to be able to give this family a more comfortable and safe place to live. Their home right now has mud walls and dirt floors, you can imagine what it must be like when it is raining. Keep this whole situation in your prayers, things have fit together very well up to this point, now we are waiting to here back about what we do next from dwellings. At some point in the near future, this project will be listed on their website for donations. Much love!"

Amazing news- this family asked for help to get floors, NOW THEY WILL HAVE A NEW HOME! I don't think that it ever crossed their minds as a possibility, but the Lord desires to take care of and bless his children! Their lives are about to be completely changed- and we get to go tell them and share the joy with them tomorrow :) Praise the Lord!

We need to raise $9,500- which I trust will happen. Please join us in prayer, that the Lord would continue to blow them and us away in this process! Check out

, and if you feel led please donate to make this dream a reality (cheesy- yes, but true )! THANKS SO MUCH, EXCITING STUFF! We will keep you posted :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yesterday as I was walking into the school I saw Tonito carry out of the cafeteria a huge mouse/rat. Next thing I know Nina's dad runs out, pulls a sneak attack and just wHackS it with a huge hammer. Did I mention that this was at 6:55am in front of about 30 students and a few teachers. Maybe its one of those " I had to be there things", but I literally was crying in laughter!

After school we got to watch the girls rock it in a volleyball match! So fun to join in and help make up school cheers. We are the crabs :) After the game we had a big bus filled with kids and headed over to the Alvarado's house for our first high school night! So fun to move past being Miss Erin in my hunter green CPBS polo and khaki's, and become friend. Loved playing soccer/ volleyball, helping teach them the fine art of making s'mores, and to just not hold back in having fun with them! Jess and Amber led worship, and then I got to share the Lord with them! My talk was about the Samaritan woman at the well, and how our wells are where we run to be satisfied. I loved getting to be raw with them, to not just speak out of knowledge, but thankfully out of experience- what he's done in my life! We had a blast and I can't wait to see what is to come :). Praise the Lord, it was a beautiful start!

This morning little Ederick ( my neighbor with autism) who wouldn't speak to us the first 2 months of being here decided to come play and hang out! We got to sit at the table and shuffle through ipod songs, learn spanish & english words associated with pictures, draw, color, and watch All Dogs Go to Heaven! That's a good first day together :) What an amazing morning surprise- he is precious! That's a huge prayer answered to be building a relationship with him- it's taken a little while! The Lord is so good, and SO intentional down to the little details- LOVE IT!

Right now we are on hurricane lock down. Richard, or Little Dicky as I prefer to call it is supposed to roll through very early in the am. I am not worried, but pray for the large amount of people here that either don't have a home or their homes are made of tin scraps. We shall see what the morning looks like, it could end up BEAUTIFUL like the last 2! Usually the power is the first thing to go. On that note- must go shower! Love to you all :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

I have been given a gift today!

Today I have been given a gift! I have been given such a beautiful picture of the power behind serving as a body! I am so proud pf everyone!

Yesterday, Zach, Amber, and Jessica stood in front of church leading worship. I loved the freedom I experienced just to sing genuine praise to God, and then look around and realize so many were experiencing the same thing. What an amazing sound, just like we are joining the heavenly angels. Proud of you guys, what a gift to share!

Harry got to know and invest in some really set apart guys from the French Harbourlast year. It has been such a blessing to watch the huge impact he has already had over their lives and the exciting part is that is only continuing to grow! They are so alive with personality! These guys are known by everyone on the island for two reasons; because they are good with people, but also due to extreme poverty they have to find a way to have every need met by themselves. The guys range from 13 to 17 years old, and the highest grade reached is 5th (some are still in 2nd). They don’t have parents at home encouraging them and speaking truth into their lives. The Lord has better for them however, these boys are being loved on, they are getting glimpses of the Lord’s heart for them! A friend gave Harry a key to his office so that we can tutor them! Traditions Harry started last year are carrying on. Sundays they come over as a safe get away, where they fish, cook, relax, dance, goof off, and read. It’s so fun to simply walk with people! This morning Harry, Kelly, and I got the precious gift to take 3 of the boys ( Pablo, Memphi, and Gos) to Clinic Esperanza, where they got their teeth cleaned for the first time! They each have cavities that have either already destroyed teeth, or were heading in that direction. I literally had a tear in my eye as I rubbed their arms, warming them up and sitting with them while Dr. Sanchez worked his wonders on them. Growing up I didn’t think twice about having parents that would bend over backwards to make sure that I was taken care of in every way, but I know that I am beyond blessed! These boys mothers have never had the means to take them to be cared for, and their fathers aren’t present. I am so thankful that today they were reminded their worth, that the Lord’s thoughts over them outweigh the grains of the sand, and that they are precious children of a loving Father. They already had glowing smiles, but now they are excited to have radiant smiles without dark holes all over! It will take a few more visits to fix all the cavities, but this is an amazing start to healthy mouths :)

Ms. Peggy had a vision about 10 years ago to start a health clinic that would reach the community and it is doing exactly that! That vision is being carried out by volunteers year round who serve faithfully, while only charging about $2 per visit. To see all the people lined up at the door at 7am gave a sweet glimpse of daily life at the clinic. I was so encouraged to watch my friend John, and so many others work so hard and enthusiastically behind the scenes to make this possible. About 50 people per day walk in and leave helped/ healed/ and loved on! That is HUGE! I am thankful for my sister and brothers like Ms. Peggy who believe and trust that Jesus is who is says is, and because of that the provision of the Lord is visible daily!

Harry ( the pioneer), Kelly (the spanish queen), and Zach (photographer extra-ordinare) got to go back to the doughnut girls house, where it is looking promising that support is coming to bring together the troops to build a home for these girls and their families. Pray that this family would be left in awe over the Lord’s provision for them! I can’t wait to see all the details of what God is working out! Also, I got to spend the afternoon with beautiful Miss Kendall at the orphanage she lives/works/ and volunteers at. I am so thankful that I get to watch the ways the kids respect her and soak up the fact that the way she loves them is different, her joy is different, and her life is completely different! The Lord told Kendall to take time off of school, which she thought was crazy at the time but she was obedient! In her obedience these orphans are discovering that whats different about her, what compels her to love them is the way she has experienced the Lord’s love in her own life. Once you experience it, you just can’t hold it in! I am loving a way to get to be involved with this ministry and to get to visually watch these kids grow, and be healed from crazy scars from the past. Kendall is walking with them towards the freedom that God provides. We got to tutor beautiful Destiny today, and at age 7 we are starting with shapes and colors. I see Jesus’ face so clearly in these kids, words just don’t come close to describing it! Thank you Kendall for daily surrendering the details of your life and just be willing to GO!

We are starting a youth group and last week was supposed to be our first meeting. Due to rain it had to be post poned untill this Friday. Can't wait to hit the groung running and stay open to what that's supposed to look like. Harry and I both have Young Life background, so our first meeting naturally looks a bit like "club". Will keep you posted! Last week, kids started to stay after school to “talk”. Many are opening up about their family lives, and why they are behaving the way they do. Although so many days are challenging at school, thank you for your prayers! The Lord is breaking down so many walls and I know that will only continue! I love them and am crazy thankful for who they are!

This is just a tiny glimpse of big picture what all God is stirring up, providing for, and making happen. Keep praying that his kingdom would come to earth as it is in heaven! Be reminded that whether you work at a hotel, in the hospital, a lab, cubicle, school- wherever you are and whatever you are doing… you have an amazing gift to give! Investing in lives, changes lives! I am so thankful for every one who has taken time to believe in me and invest in me over the years. SO many come to mind :) Thank you!!!

Normally I don't ask this, but if ever you feel led to invest in or bless any of these people or ministries please email me at I know often our heart desires to give but we are not sure of good places to pour into, these are some beautiful people worthy to be loved on!